Croque Monsieur & Tomato Bisque

Hello, cooks! These are my family recipes for Croque Monsieur and Tomato Bisque. I put these recipes together because they go together perfectly! These delicious foods are French cuisine and are both delicious and nutritious! This recipe serves 8.

I have never actually made this recipe, but I used my mom’s recipe. This is one of my favorite recipes my mom makes. I give thanks to my mom for making this recipe!

Ingredients for the Croque Monsieur Ingredients for the Tomato Bisque

16 slices of quality gluten free bread 1 32oz. can diced tomatoes

8 T Milk 4 cups tomato juice

4 T Dijon Mustard 12-14 fresh washed basil leaves

4 T Mayonnaise 1 cup heavy whipping cream

4 Egg white 1/4 lb butter

16 slices of thin sliced ham 1/4 tsp cracked black pepper

1tsp black pepper Additional basil leaves (Optional Topping)

8 slices gruyere or 8 slices Havarti Goat Cheese (Optional Topping)

Directions for Croque Monsieur & Tomato Bisque

  1. Combine tomatoes and tomato juice in saucepan. Simmer over medium-low heat for 30 minutes.
  2. Cool slightly, then place in blender with basil leaves. Do in small batches (we do 3), unless you want tomato on the ceiling.
  3. Combine mustard and mayonnaise in a small bowl spread mixture on all slices of bread
  4. Add 2 slices of ham and one slice of cheese to each pair of bread.
  5. Combine egg white milk and pepper in a shallow dish. Dip both sides of the sanwich into mixture.
  6. Heat a large nonstick griddle on medium heat, coated with butter or cooking spray.
  7. Add sandwiches to pan; cook 3 minutes on each side until slightly browned and cheese melts.
  8. Return to saucepan and add cream and butter. Stir in low hear until cream and butter incorporated.
  9. Garnish with basil leaves and goat cheese (if desired), and serve!