Costa Rica in 2 Weeks

Costa Rica is a really cool place to visit, so if you’re wondering, here is my itinerary of Costa Rica in 2 weeks, giving you a diverse experience, with adrenaline-powered adventures, and laid-back vacations. You’ll be seeing Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio, and Corcovado National Parks, with a fairly complete experience in those 2 weeks.

To start, you can fly down to San Jose Airport. From here, you have a 3-hour drive north to Volcan Arenal, where you’ll rest after a long day of airfare. The next morning, you’ll be going on a sloth tour! You’ll be on a short hike with a guide with expert sloth-spotting skills. That evening, take a visit to the park and hike up a small portion of the mountain, just a couple miles, to a beautiful viewing point. The next day, drive to Mistico Hanging Bridges. Here, you can get a guide who will spot all sorts of animals, such as vipers, sloths, and moths while you see 6 hanging bridges. Then, you can visit a ziplining place nearby to see 6 ziplines. There are many safety precautions, and even if you let go, the carabiners will keep you holding on. For your last day, you could do as you like.

After, you have a long drive to Manuel Antonio, so that day will be a rest, but the next, you can get on a catamaran ride to see the ocean and jump 20 yards down from the top of the ship! Next, you can get an amazing tour guide who will show you all sorts of animals and buy you (healthy) drinks (juices). You’ll get to see the feisty capuchin monkeys, and one of the world’s top 20 most beautiful beaches.

Afterwards, you’ll go down to Corcovado. Now, as a word of caution, there are only two ways to get to Drake Bay, boat and plane. This is because Corcovado is so restricted that you cannot drive through it. The boat ride is an hour long, so plan accordingly. When you arrive, there are several hotels, of which are all very nice. You can visit several beaches, including a less crowded one called Cocalito Beach, which has several spots across a trail. If you wait until you reach the fifth one, the beach is astonishing yet overlooked and underrated. The next day, you’ll go snorkeling nearby Caño Island. You can come to this island only with a permit of sorts, so prepare ahead. On Caño Island, there are species that exist nowhere else, so don’t disturb the wildlife, and especially no littering. You can come back to the beach in the afternoon. The next day, you’ll go kayaking across the area, and you can come back to the beach that afternoon as well. The next day, you can get a tour of Corcovado to see all the beautiful plants and animals, including macaws, then you’ll have to drive to the Drake Bay Airport.

You can fly from here back to San Jose, for a night to rest before your commute home. The next day, there is a small but wonderful zoo called Rescate. You can see macaws, sloths, monkeys, jaguars, coatis, and more here. Then, you can fly home.