The Mighty Five In Nine Days

The Mighty 5 are very beautiful national parks found in Utah. They are Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Canyonlands, and Arches. This is my very useful itinerary of Utah’s Mighty 5 National Parks!!!

Here was my itinerary for the Mighty 5.

Day 1: Drive to Moab in the Afternoon

We stayed at the Canyonlands Inn this night

Day 2: Go to Arches

We stayed at the Canyonlands Inn this night

Day 3: Go to Canyonlands

We stayed at the Canyonlands Inn this night

Day 4: Go back to Arches

We stayed at the Canyonlands Inn this night

Day 5: Drive to and visit Capitol Reef

We stayed at the Capitol Reef Hotel this night

Day 6: Go to Capitol Reef

We stayed at the Capitol Reef Hotel this night

Day 7: Drive to Bryce Canyon, visit, drive to Zion

We stayed at the Zion Wildflower this night

Day 8: Go to Zion and drive to stop

We stayed at LV since that was a good stop to our home in SD

Day 9: Drive Home and relax

We slept at home!

Now comes the detailed part! Look down!

Day 1: On day one we were in the car driving to Moab. It was nothing exciting but we saw some beautiful rocks on our way.

Day 2: On this day, we went on 3 hikes in Arches National Park. The first was Landscape Arch Trail (2 miles), which went up to Landscape Arch, the biggest in the world! It was as long as a football field and was the second most famous arch at Arches. The next trail we went on was the Skyline Arch Trail. On this trail, you walk in and see Skyline Arch far above you. In our final trail, the Delicate Arch Trail (3 miles), you walk up many steep hills to reach Delicate Arch, the most famous arch in the world and found on the Utah Quarter. This was probably the hardest trail in Arches. We then went to the Visitor Center and came back to Moab. This might have been the longest and most beautiful day on the trip.

Day 3: This day we went to Canyonlands and did 3 hikes and 1 overlook. First we went to Grand View Trail. If you arrive early and do not see marks for parking, do not parallel park because you are not supposed to. Anyway, you hike the Grand View Trail and though there are views along the way. Don’t stop though, because the view at the end is the best part. and watch out for rifts, because there are multiple of them and they get pretty deep (20ft). Next is to the Buck Canyon Overlook. Here is just a nice view and in Winter and Spring it has some cool snow. Now is Mesa Arch, a short downhill trail to the most famous spot in the park. Finally is Upheaval Dome (3 miles). It has three different viewing points. It is muddy in Spring and is connected to a very hazardous 7 mile trail. Time to go back to Moab!

Day 4: This day we go back to Arches and do 3 more hikes. First is the very tall Balanced Rock above us on the Balanced Rock Trail, a short and flat trail. The next is a trail where we saw Turret Arch, North Windows Arch, and South Windows Arch called The Windows Trail. Last is Double Arch which has the same parking lot as the Windows. This is a flat trail where you come to Double Arch. When you arrive, you can climb around inside the arch. Don’t go to the top though, because if you fell off the back you might die. Time to drive to Capitol Reef! When you arrive, do Hickman’s Natural Bridge Trail.

Day 5: This is my favorite day of the itinerary. Today is only 1 hike, but it is 2 trails. The way in is the Grand Wash Trail. Walk through it and enjoy the scenery but watch for the Cassidy Arch Trail. When you see it, turn in and walk carefully up the steep stairs. Once you have reached the top, the trail is moderately hard until you reach Cassidy Arch. You can look at the view. Then turn back. Go down the stairs, through the valley and come back to your car.

Day 6: This day drive to Bryce Canyon and hike some. I didn’t plan this part because when I went everything was closed. Then drive to Zion.

Day 7: This day there are 3 hikes. The first is stop 6 on the bus, Emerald Pools. This trail was exceptionally muddy for us so be ready. This one has 3 emerald pools. The trail ends at stop 5 for the bus. Next, travel to the Court of the Patriarchs, stop 4. This trail is very short, not a quarter of a mile long. Finally, go the Temple of Sinawava, and hike the Riverside Walk. This trail has a lot of small chipmunks. Now drive to a stopping point on your way home if you live far away.

Day 9: Wake up and go home.